Rather than locking down heavy doors, ours are always open to you: Telio addresses your individual requirements.

Every facility is unique.

Architecturally, technically and logistically. We know that — after more than 300 installed systems. That is why every Telio system is one of a kind, designed together with the staff and customised down to the last detail. If someone tells you he’s already done something a hundred times, you’d normally expect everything else to come naturally without much extra effort. Not at Telio: despite of all our experience, we approach each project like a newcomer. For this reason, we inspect your facility at the start of each project and carry out extensive analyses and interviews. Because Telio doesn’t do off-the-shelf solutions. But after the system is installed, everything runs almost by itself.

Work simplification, not prison privileges.

Each Telio product has been developed primarily to facilitate the work of law enforcement officers. Our central ADMINio software is the best example of this. It can also be operated with just a few mouse clicks in large prisons with many departments. The devices are low-maintenance, unsuitable as a hiding place and virtually indestructible. This reduces the number of cell checks required. And finally, we believe we contribute to institutional peace and rehabilitation by providing the right means of communication.

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  • In more than 10 years, Telio has acquired a vast amount of specialised knowledge, of which all employees and all new clients benefit.
  • The main objectives are simpler workflows for law enforcement officials, general cost reductions and maximum control over inmate communication.
  • All products are constantly developed further.