VIRTUAL ACCOUNT, the prisoner account.
The intelligent payment systems for correctional facilities.

Prison account management is no longer up to date in today’s technologically advanced world. Booking prison and prisoners’ funds, releasing exactly three sevenths, processing purchase requests and remaining funds – these are all bureaucratic activities that keep law enforcement officials from carrying out important tasks. For example, monitoring the institution's internal currencies.
VIRTUAL ACCOUNT is a secure, user-friendly booking system that combines all these operations, partially automated, and can be used by any correctional facility in Germany. It consists of a virtual account, on which all bookings are made in real time, including transactions in the prison shop, with telephone providers or other companies on the white list.
Centrally controlled through our ADMINio software, precise amounts can be released for free use by the inmate, or frozen – also in real time. Through extensive documentation and control functions, and the individual configuration for each account, the system brings noticeable relief in everyday law enforcement.

  • Drastic reduction of the booking expenses for law enforcement officials by eliminating pre-blocking, withdrawing and re-releasing of residual funds
  • No extra work for inmate transfers to other facilities due to the nationwide availability
  • Absolute clarity on available amounts among inmates
  • Integration of prison shops and other licensed businesses possible
  • All functions easy to operate through the central ADMINio software
  • All functions easy to operate through the central ADMINio software Tried and tested concept: already successfully in use in the Netherlands