ROOMio cell telephone.
For firmly controlled relaxed communication.

A cell as a phone booth? Absolutely! With sophisticated technology in the background, this seemingly very exclusive form of telephony is not an issue of luxury for correctional facilities, but serves to maintain institutional peace and foster rehabilitation. ROOMio consists of a compact housing with handset or headset. It is based on the technical infrastructure of the PHONio telephone system. That means quick and easy to use, card-free billing via PIN codes as well as extensive control and customisation features. ROOMio can be installed in addition to the devices in the corridors and, like these, is controlled and regulated through the central ADMINio software. Your benefits: Shorter queues in the corridors, shorter waiting times, more privacy for inmates and therefore reduced potential for aggression and conflict.

  • More privacy for prisoners
  • Conflict avoidance by equalising the telephone times
  • Full control over all phone calls
  • Easy parameter setting through the ADMINio software
  • Straightforward installation in cells as any existing TV cabling can be used