PHONio (Kopie 1) prisoner telephone.
Because prisoners keep their feet firmly on the ground much longer when they’re allowed to take off every once in a while.

The line between technological progress and all too generous prison privileges has always been blurred. The latest step is telephony in correctional facilities. This step can have a very positive effect — automatically. Telio systems allow for maximum control with minimum effort, and they work without cash or cards — and most of all, they’re low-maintenance. So when we install a PHONio system, this comes with added benefits: less aggression among inmates and less frustration for law enforcement officials. And that’s not the only bonus we throw in for free. PHONio consists of the central ADMINio software and any number of terminal devices for Use in corridors or recreation rooms. The system works without a “prison currency”, exclusively through prisoner accounts, and it reflects all processes and requirements associated with prisoner telephony.

Brief info
  • Card-free system with user account and personal PIN, which prevents bartering
  • The system communicates in 10 languages
  • Simple listening, recording and logging of calls
  • All functions are controlled centrally through the ADMINio software on a PC
  • Meticulous and individual planning together with each correctional facility
  • Continuous further development, periodic updates