MULTio, the multimedia terminal for cells.
Our contribution to state-of-the-art law enforcement.

In our fast-paced world it’s not just inmates serving life sentences who are in danger of falling behind the technology. Just one or two years without access to the latest means of communication can make it much more difficult to fit in after being released. MULTio is a particularly innovative approach to this problem and can be used extremely flexibly: as a cell telephone, as a TV, DVD player and radio, and as a mini-PC with strictly limited Internet access. At first glance, this may seem like incredible luxury for the prisoners, but above all it is a huge step forward for the staff. Because MULTio ensures maximum control and transparency with minimal expenditure of time — and much quieter wards. It is always possible to activate or block one or several functions with ease, which makes for an effective disciplinary measure. By compressing several functions in one device with integrated housing opening sensors, the audit costs decrease significantly.

  • A cell telephone with all the benefits of ROOMio Controlled radio and TV reception with digital video recorder and DVD player — all in one device
  • Connection for games consoles PC with restricted Internet access
  • Full control with manual approval of every single URL
  • Monitored email communication
  • Selected functions can be activated individually
  • Fewer devices in the cells mean fewer checks are necessary