CAREio, the telephone counselling hotline.
Nothing less than a life-sustaining measure.

Hardly any other prison ward deserves the title of crisis area as much as the admission ward. For first-time offenders, in particular, it is where two different worlds collide: From their perspective, they consider themselves to be in an extreme situation — which, however, is merely day-to-day routine for the law enforcement officials. Avoiding escalations here is a great challenge. And CAREio is the perfect tool.
CAREio was designed to prevent suicide and self-harm by meeting a basic human need of the endangered individual: the need for communication. At the press of just one button, inmates have access to a prison telephone counsellor free of charge. An external team provides this services 365 days of the year.

  • Effective suicide prevention measure Guaranteed access to a counsellor
  • Single-function device, thus easy to use
  • Highest reliability through Telio technology
  • High protection against tampering and manipulation
  • Reliable technical emergency support