BLOCKio, the mobile phone blocker.
Has antennas everywhere. So that others fail.

With every advancement of mobile communications technology, the need for a system like BLOCKio in prisons increases.
If a prisoner gets hold of such a terminal device, he could even hold video conferences and enjoy free access to the Internet. A scenario that undermines the peace in the facility with breathtaking speed and puts the staff at risk.
BLOCKio offers two major advantages in the fight against illegal mobile communications: It suppresses mobile phone reception only when required and works very accurately within defined areas. The corresponding number of detectors and jammers are configured individually for each prison so that phone calls can be made safely in the neighbourhood and, if necessary, even in certain parts of the building.
Detection, alarm and jammer activation are fully automated and controlled through user-friendly ADMINio software.

  • Efficient system for prevention of mobile telephony, consisting of several detectors and jammers
  • Individual configuration for each correctional facility
  • Precise detection, automatic suppression
  • Alarm and control through the ADMINio software
  • Applic