Telio launches in Northern Ireland

Soon inmates in Northern Ireland will be able to use the modern Telio telephone systems for their private conversations. The Hamburg-based company was commissioned to equip a total of three prisons in the north of the Emerald Isle.

The three prisons in Northern Ireland hold a total of 1,887 inmates. In future, the PHONio system will enable inmates to telephone without the need for cash. With the ROOMio phones, inmates can phone directly from their prison cell and gain some privacy.

As in the other countries in which Telio is already active, the Northern Ireland prisons will benefit from the high safety standards, the relief of workload through the Telio systems and the rehabilitation-promoting effects.

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  • More than 10 years experience in communication systems in prisons and forensic commitments
  • In-depth understanding of prison processes
  • European market leader for communication systems in correctional facilities
  • More than 300 Telio systems are already in operation across Europe
  • Successful installations in correctional facilities around the world
  • Service team on call 365 days of the year